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The following sites have a tendency to favour the UK joining the Euro. We feel it is important to sample the views that oppose ours, in order to reach a balanced assessment.

  • Britain in Europe This site was set up with the encouragement of Tony Blair and his government to sell the case for the euro to British business and the British people. The government has now gone colder on the euro and leaving Britain in Europe simply to press the case for being in Europe (which is not the issue at stake.) The result has been quite a lot of confusion.

  • BBC This is a lightweight site that concentrates on stories from pro-Euro businesses. It fails to explain the problems for the economy or the political implications.

  • Get Ready for the Euro (HMT) Government propaganda designed to persuade firms to 'get ready for the Euro'- begging the question of whether we will pass the Treasury's own Five Tests, agree in a referendum and join. A lot of practical stuff of little relevance if we do not- in which case the Euro will simply be one foreign currency in place of 11.

  • CBI Contains releases and speeches of CBI officials. Has been pro-euro but cautious, now more so; it emphasises the need for Europe to be flexible and 'entrepreneurial' for the Euro to succeed.

  • The European Commission Representation in the UK Not much material here- mainly references to EU publications and Euro-friendly helplines.

  • European Central Bank The European Central Bank's official information page. Contains press releases, economic background; nothing on the merits/problems of the Euro as such.

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