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The European Union, Britain and the United States: Which Way to Go? An address delivered by Conrad M Black to The Nixon Center in Washington, D.C.
The Euro: Bad for Trade Unions Speech by Doug Nicholls, General Secretary, Community & Youth Workers' Union to the Third Congress for Democracy Friday 10 December 1999
United Kingdom or United Europe? speech made by Senator Gordon Smith, Chairman of the US Senate’s European Affairs Committee at the third Congress For Democracy on Friday 10 December 1999 at Church House, Westminster
The 1998 Mais Lecture delivered at the City University Business School in London on May 18, 1998 by Professor Dr Dr h.c. Hans Tietmeyer
Transatlantic View by Martin Armstrong
Churchill Sir Winston Churchill's speech at Zurich on 19 September 1946
Issing 'The Euro - four weeks after the start', speech by Professor Otmar Issing, a member of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank, to the European-Atlantic Group at the House of Commons on 28 January 1999
Portillo 'Democratic values and the Single Currency', speech by Rt Hon Michael Portillo, London 14 January 1999
Schieber 'The international role of the Euro', speech by Helmut Schieber, Directorate of the Deutche Bundesbank, Frankfurt 21 September 1998
Schröder 'New foundations for European integration', speech by Gerhard Schröder, Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, The Hague 19 January 1999
von Stahl 'The nation and the nation state', speech by Alexander von Stahl, former Advocate General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Berlin 3 October 1996