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Patrick Minford

Date of Birth: 17th May 1943


B.A. (Oxon) - Balliol College, P.P.E., 1964
L.S.E.: M.Sc. in Economics, 1970 (with distinction);
Ph.D., July 1973.


Economic Adviser Posts
Ministry of Overseas Development, London, 1965-7.
Ministry of Finance, Malawi, 1967-9.
Director's Staff, Courtaulds, 1970-1.
H.M. Treasury, 1971-3.
H.M. Treasury Delegation, British Embassy, Washington, D.C., 1973-4.

Visiting Hallsworth Research Fellow, University of Manchester, 1974-5.

Editor of National Institute Economic Review, 1975-6.

Edward Gonner Professor of Applied Economics, University of Liverpool, 1976 to 1997.

Professor Cardiff Business School, 1997-.

Memberships etc.

Director, Merseyside Development Corporation, January 1988 (resigned April 1989).

Member of Monopolies and Mergers Commission 1990-96.

Member of H.M. Treasury Panel of Independent Economic Forecasters, January 1993 to end-1996.

Member of Academic Council of Economic Affairs, 1980 - and of Academic Advisory Board, Institute of Economic Affairs, 1984-.

Member of Editorial Board, Journal of International Money and Finance, 1981-; Applied Economics, 1986-; Applied Financial Economics, 1991-; Open Economies Review, 1991-; Applied Economics Letters 1994-, Bulletin of E conomic Research, 1990-;

Research Fellow, International Macroeconomics Programme, Centre for Economic Policy Research, 1985-.

Awarded CBE in January 1996 for services to economics.
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