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Welcome to the web site of the British Management Data Foundation. Here you will find a summary of our activities and other background information and, in particular, details of our publications.

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Our most recent and most important book concerns the European Union and is on the Treaty of Amsterdam. The book is entitled 'The Treaty of Amsterdam in Perspective: Consolidated Treaty on European Union'.

Details of this book, and summaries of a number of reviews of it, can be found by clicking on the cover of the book below.

The Treaty of Amsterdam in Perspective: Consolidated Treaty on
 European Union

Company Profile

The British Management Data Foundation (BMDF) was formed in 1979. It is an independent body supported by a wide range of major British Companies and is concerned with matters affecting the global competitiveness of its member companies to whom it gives independent advice and data.

The aim of all BMDF activities is to achieve a better understanding of current core issues so as to enable companies and organisations concerned to make more informed decisions.

The Foundation is non-profit-making and limited by guarantee. Funding is primarily by members' subscriptions.

BMDF Webpages

BMDF General Information This gives an overview of our activities and a brief summary of the background to the BMDF and an indication of some of the areas in which we are interested.

The Treaty of Amsterdam Details of the BMDF book on the Treaty and links to some reviews and comments on the book.

Contact Information How to contact us and to order copies of 'The Treaty of Amsterdam Treaty in Perspective'.

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