The Treaty of Amsterdam in Perspective

The BMDF has produced two major publications on the Treaties which form the basis of the European Union. The first is 'The Maastricht Treaty in Perspective', which was first published in 1992 (the Third Edition was published in October 1996) and in January 1998 we published 'The Treaty of Amsterdam in Perspective'.

The Treaty of Amsterdam in Perspective

Consolidated Treaty on European Union

ISBN 0 9520 366 2 2

Authoritative, Comprehensive, Understandable

The Treaty of Amsterdam was signed on 2 October 1997 and all the Member States have to ratify the Treaty by their respective legislative procedures for it to become law. This process is expected to be completed and th e Treaty to come into effect by the end of May 1999.

The Treaty is, however, not an entity in its own right. It is a series of amendments and additions to previous European treaties and as such is difficult to interpret and understand.

This BMDF publication of 352 pages (ccx plus 232) on A4 paper consolidates all these changes into the existing treaties and puts them in bold text for clarity. In addition, in order for the implications to be better understood, a full analysis is incl uded of the increase in the powers of the European institutions resulting from the new Treaty.

An important section of some 80 pages illustrates in detail how the powers or 'Competences' have developed from the original Treaty of Rome and the Single European Act through the Maastricht Treaty to the Treaty of Amsterdam. This also acts as a summa ry of the Treaties and enables the situation on any particular subject to be followed through with much greater understanding than is otherwise possible.

A list of the main subjects giving both article and page number complements the detailed contents lists.

* * *

This publication includes:

The full texts of the main Treaties, i.e. the Treaty establishing the European Community and the Treaty on European Union;

All the Protocols from Amsterdam and Protocols from previous Treaties which are still relevant;

Additional Resolutions adopted by the European Council and the European Parliament relating to Amsterdam;

Review of the key points of Amsterdam and the new legislative procedures, including the criteria for 'subsidiarity' and 'proportionality';

An extensive Index.


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Examples of pages from

'The Treaty of Amsterdam in Perspective'

We have a few pages taken from 'The Treaty of Amsterdam In Perspective' to show the layout and the range of subjects covered in the BMDF book.

Preface The preface to the BMDF book on the Treaty of Amsterdam.

Contents List The contents list of the BMDF book on the Treaty of Amsterdam.

Key Issues Notes on the key issues of the Treaty of Amsterdam.

The Development of Competences Sample of pages from the analysis of the Development of Competences, showing the changes in the powers, or 'competences' of the EU instiutions from the Treaty of Rome to t he Treaty of Amsterdam.

Consolidated Treaty Two pages from the Consolidated Treaty, showing the changes made by the Treaty of Amsterdam.

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